Dominion Doll Unboxed!

This is the first Dominion Doll acquired for the repainted and restyled oak's by Artist Noel Cruz. First, the twenty points of articulation make a huge difference in possibility and poses. The fact that you can literally touch the face with the hands and the legs and arms are jointed in ways that make pretty much any human pose possible with a 1/6 scale figure. The doll is not stiff at all. The head and arms, legs, chest, torso and waits move effortlessly. If you've unboxed a Fashion Royalty some can be quite stiff, especially the head and neck areas and the bodies - older ones can become brittle over time which leads to cracks and splits at joints. Back to the point:Dominion. Next removed was the wig. First, it is wonderfully crafted specifically for this doll and is quite impressive in texture and length. The box is a fire red with the golden logo for DD and it's a definite keepsake. This doll will be shipped off to Mr. Cruz to become and embody Angelina Jolie. I highly recommend these finely crafted collectible dolls. Visit the web site and see for yourself!

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