1/12th Scale

Death of a Grand Dame

Received Best of Show at the 2012 Seattle Miniature Show.


1/12th Scale


Oh poor Crystal... will Blake go blind again? Will Fallon ever give her the chance at being welcomed into the fold? Pamela Sue or Emma? Well, with this diorama it doesn't matter. The Foyer of the Carrington drama house.


1/12th Scale

Movie House

Are you ready for your close up? Norma Desmond might have frequented a movie house like this one. A classic rebuilt into 1/12th complete with a movie playing. Best seat in the house is yours as this is a coffee table.


1/12th Scale


A beautiful long and book streamed Library with books like Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys and all the encyclopedias you could use to finish that book report. It's a tiny one twelfth library that is open for readers and loungers.


1/12th Scale

Cabinet House

This beautifully crafted two story cabinet was built with a charming base to make this an easily appreciated piece of art.  This was a custom built to order for a private collector.


1/12th Scale

Moon Room

It is almost something you might expect in a Harry Potter film or described in the books by Rowling. This room has a stunning moon filmed window to enjoy while looking over all the fine and minute details of this room-box.

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1/12th Scale

Fantasy Castle

A dash of magic and mystery with this creative room-box. Maybe the setting for a round of charades or quiet reading by a warm lit fire.


1/12th Scale

Infinity Hall

You could get lost in the mirrors of this visually interesting project with depths so real you might think this goes on, well... for infinity and beyond!