Lindsay Wagner with Emma & Noel Cruz

Noel Cruz is one of the most versatile & distinguished repaint artists in the doll community. He is most recognized for his character & celebrity based dolls due to their uncanny resemblance to the people they portray. His dolls are derived from several models like Gene, Tyler, Sydney, etc, by various doll-makers such as Robert Tonner & Franklin Mint. His repaints as well as his portraits are done with intricate detail to the point of being naturally lifelike in essence. Highly regarded among collectors and artists alike, Noel attempts to raise the bar and bring a fresh take to the common mass produced doll with every face he paints. Noel's specialty is with one of a kind repaints. The beauty of repaints is that almost no two are exactly alike just as no two artists are alike.

Some Noel Cruz Press: featured in Winter Magazine 2019 and Farrah Fawcett commemorative Issue - available on iTunes and Apple Books, My San Antonio (2017 Article), POP Sugar (2017 Article), Movie Plot (2017 Article), Daily Mail (2017 Article), GMA (2017 Article), Jewish Business News (2016 Article), SEVENTEEN (2016 Article), UK Daily Mail, Haute Doll, UK Daily Mail, KTLA News Feature, & CELEBUZZ!

What defines Noel's style of repaint is his focus in achieving a sense of both aesthetics and likeness. He has developed this style across hundreds of dolls all ranging from unique & exotic originals to some of the most recognized celebrity faces in history. All his dolls now belong to the personal collections of their proud owners. Click images below for larger images. You can follow Noel on Facebook.

To submit a commission or read about rates simply click here for commission details. If, however, you have questions about Noel's repaints or an idea for a future repaint get in touch by sending an e-mail.

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