Fashion Designers

If you've dived into the pool of collecting OOAK or ONE OF A KIND collectibles, especially 1/6th or 1/4th dolls or actions figures you'll probably discover the wide and diverse pool of fashion designers who design specifically for the smaller scaled ladies and gentlemen of the collectors world.


Some of the very talented people featured here and throughout this sight sculpt not only scaled foods and drinks but also craft their own dolls faces and bodies. Artists like Chan (PLASTIC GUY & CHAN DOLL) who excels at crafting not only the molds for his creations but also creates custom fashions.


With any form of artistry there lies the heart of an artist. Sketching, drawing, doodling, painting and forever honing their skills to repaint either realistic reflections of those current or who've left us but have a tribute in scaled form to the creative and imaginative. This site celebrates all artist who crave challenge, improvement and beauty.  & &

Featured Artisans

These are the artists discovered as this collection grows. Artists like Ryan Liang of SHANTOMMO and Antoio Realli of Realli Designs as well as craftsman like PURE ICON of Paris and Elen Priv.

Those discovered of exceptional quality, style and execution are featured here. If you know of someone who 1/6th should be made aware please email or send a message with that artists web site link and name.

Jennifer Lopez and GiGi Hadid repainted and restyled by artist Noel Cruz both wearing ooak fashions. Lopez in Antonio Really and Hadid in Ryan Liang's SHANTOMMO fashion.  Lopez is also accented with hands by Pure Icon in a diorama by Regent Miniatures whom also created the pool table.


Make it Work.

“You can be too rich and too thin, but you can never be too well read or too curious about the world.”
― Tim Gunn, Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work


Elen Priv

etsy and Ebay

Yoshkar-Ola, Russia

Elena creates fashions for Fashion Royalty, Barbie, Tonner & Sybarite Dolls. Shop ELENA PEREDREEVA's large variety of creations.

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Antonio Realli

Antonio Realli

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Antônio Realli has been interested in the world of fashion and dolls since he was a child. Shop for Realli's creations on eBay and via his web site.

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Ryan Liang

Ryan Liang


From selecting  fabric to cutting, fitting and styling, Liang makes a point to be involved in all areas to assure the highest in utmost quality. 

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Petr Tishkov & Elena Kostina


Art Fashion Ball - Jointed Doll 1/6 Made Of Resin High Quality with 20 points of articulation.

Noel Cruz

Repaint Artist

California, USA

Noel Cruz is one of the most versatile & distinguished repaint artists in the doll community. Recognized for his celebrity dolls due to their uncanny resemblance to the people they portray.


OOAKdoll art
& Miniature Craft

E :
@ mypieceyu

Chan Sama


From Chan's Site: It takes a special gift to obtain such a lifelike look and flirting glance in a male doll. 

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2013 Mari

PeeWee Parker


If you have any Questons about Park's repainted ooak collectibles , just email him at

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High Quality and perfection with high end fashion designer mode for Fashion Royalty Dolls. From scaled hands to fashions to drinks & cigarette's.


Barbara Smith

Colorado, USA

create fashions for 12 inch fashion dolls, such as, Barbie Doll, and Integrity toys 12 inch dolls and also on Facebook.


1Sixth & 1Fourth Group

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This is a "safe space" where there is no judgement or preconceived ideology about who should and shouldn't collect dolls, action figures, dioramas or other art of the one sixth to one fourth collectibles.


Randall Craig

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Florida, USA

designer to the dolls

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Regent Miniatures

Ken Haseltine

Oregon, USA

Retired & Closed.

See the workmanship here


Award winning and recognized as a leader in the collectors community, Ken Haseltine, President and founder of Regent Miniatures had been crafting fine dioramas for collectors and competitions for over a decade and retired officially in November of 2019 thus closing his commission book and store.



Art Fashion Ball - Jointed Doll 1/6 Made Of Resin High Quality with 20 points of articulation.


From Ryan's website:

Tailored madness and controlled fantasy

Staying true to those words, SHANTOMMO’S entire chic ready-to-wear collections for 12” & 16” fashion dolls are constructed with a whisk of sophistication and a drop of sultriness.



Handmade clothes for fashion dolls: Fashion Royalty, Poppy Parker, NuFace, Color Infusion, Momoko, Limhwa, Barbie, Tonner Tyler, Sybarite, Kingdom Dolls, FR:16, Poppy Fashion Teen, Tulabelle, PashaPasha, Tender Creation and other similar size dolls. Available on ETSY and eBay.

Priv also will do commission requests and if you see a fashion that you need in a different size, simply contact her and ask.

Elena has the most diverse array of fashions and all excellently crafted. Lined, hemmed, tailored excellence that is on par with Fashion Royalty and high quality lines of fashions for the discerning collector.

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Doll Couture

Antonio Realli

Antonio Realli is a Brazilian Fashion Designer who not only creates fashions for 1:1 women but for their 1:6 & 1:4 scale counterparts. Realli’s vision for fashions and fabric have made him a stand apart and stand out with bold color choices and fabrics that give lift and light to those that model his creations.


Randall Craig Continued

As president of Randall Craig Inc., he handled all design and marketing duties for his signature RTW line for fashion dolls. The RTW collection was carried by retailers across the United States and in Canada, Singapore, and Australia, and has graced the pages of Fashion Doll Quarterly, Haute Doll, Contemporary Doll Collector, Doll Reader, and Barbie Bazaar.

Randall once held the position of Fashion Editor for Fashion Doll Quarterly magazine and has contributed to both Haute Doll and Barbie Bazaar magazines.

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designer to the dolls

Randall Craig

Randall Craig, the creative talent behind Randall Craig Couture and RTW clothing for fashion dolls, grew up in the high desert of New Mexico but his designs reflect the cosmopolitan styles of the New York runways. He demonstrated a flair for fashion at an early age, creating hand-sewn clothing for f

His college years included internships with Petit Pois and Perry Ellis. Randall has worked at fashion shows for many top names, including Saks Fifth Ave, Nautica, Badgley Mishka, Vogue, St. John, Neimen Marcus, and Sonia Rykiel. While at IFAC, he also worked as a teacher's assistant in pattern making and construction courses and served as a student member of Fashion Group International. Randall received an award from Tail Sportswear's Team T-shirt Design Contest in 2001.

His design career has flourished since graduation with the launch of a variety of his own clothing lines. In September 2002, he debuted Choic, a collection of trendy men's tops. His custom-made fashion doll creations, under the name Randall Craig Couture, made a splash the following spring. Randall's most ambitious collection to date, Randall Craig RTW (Ready-to-Wear) for 11-to-12-inch fashion dolls, was met with enthusiastic response when it hit the market in early 2004 and sold out immediately.

Making Your Doll Fashionably Beautiful

Barbara Smith

Barb has been make dolls fashions for over thirty-six years. She is happy to take commissions or you can visit her store on eBay and also order through her web site at Barb's Delightful Fashions.

OOAK Artist


From Chan's Site: It takes a special gift to obtain such a lifelike look and flirting glance in a male doll. 


OOAK Artist

MyPiece Yu


OOAKdoll art
& Miniature Craft

E :
@ mypieceyu



High Quality and perfection luxury along with High-End Fashions made for Fashion Royalty Dolls. Each Design of Pure Icon Paris is created to satisfy the demanding collectors needs with refined taste.

OOAK Artist


if you have any Questons about Park's repainted ooak collectibles , just email him at ooakdollpark@gmail.comMore images on