1/6th Scale

Best Fashion Doll Accessory Winner

This "RoomBox" By Regent Miniatures was awarded this honor from Doll Observers on-line voters in 2015. Simple classic white with ornate and decorative touches to make any Barbie or 12" figure content.


1/6th Scale

Regent Mansion

This is a large scale 1/6th Scale Mansion with two staircases, lights, doors that are hinged to open and close, a front door with a terrace and detailing on the outside as well as the inside. This project took over a year to construct and detail. Mirrored ceiling in the upstairs ballroom as well as a painted sky ceiling on the main floor.

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1/6th Scale

Regent Room-Box

This is a 1/6th Scale two walled room-box. White with ornate dressing and molding and marbled floor perfect of any 1/6 scale action figure or doll.


1/6th Scale

Regent Church

This 1/6th Scale Church Front is complete with stained glass windows that light up, wooden steps that lead into a wooded foyer. Going to the Chapel and gonna get married? Well, this is the spot for star crossed lovers to say, "I do."


1/6th Scale

Victoria's Inspired Shoppe

This 1/6th Scale pink diorama was inspired by the pink hue's of Victoria's Secret! This shopping experience wouldn't be complete without multiple changing rooms, benched mirror waiting area and racks for all those tiny unmentionables.


1/6th Scale

Mini Mansion

A two story opulent and beautiful two story smaller overall scale then the first mammoth mansion this eloquent build is the perfect setting for a little gathering of friends.

Project Runway Completed_14573700112_l

1/6th Scale

Project Runway

This beautifully crafted runway is the perfect place to debut new fashions and iconic gowns or swimwear! Shimmering black and white perfect of any and all fashion shows. Designers, make it work!


1/6th Scale

The Townsend Agency

Once Upon a time a man named Aaron Spelling and a woman named Kate Jackson sat down to talk about a little series titled "Alley Cats." Jackson suggested Charlie's Angels and pretty much co-created the series the launched Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd into icon status. That little office changed a lot - almost every episode so here it is reimagined.


1/6th Scale

Regent Horse Barn

It's like a barn raising but not like you remember it. Tiny nails, and a bit more complicated to draft out and create. This Barn also comes apart in different ways to be able to photograph the interior without changing the diorama or having to know anything about constructing it.


1/6th Scale

Street of Dreams

Inspired by perhaps the Old West or maybe the old style down town buildings of years gone by... these brick and mortar buildings will stand the test of time too.


1/6th Scale

The Fashion Shop

A redone and different take on the cardboard store that was produced by Mattel in 1963. This version, however, is made of wood! A bit more long lasting as opposed to the the first one's building materials.


1/6th Scale


Strike a pose in this diorama crafted after the stage in Madonna's MTV Performance of VOGUE!


1/6th Scale

Dining Room

Be a guest in this dining room to impress! A pink hue and vibrant golds make this diorama that hinges shut a beautiful centerpiece or a hidden treasure.


1/6th Scale

Hexagon Room-box

Another self contained diorama perfect for a Beauty and her Beast! This special diorama can fool you! It opens up to be quite the display and showcase!

trek copy

1/6th Scale


Put down that tribble it's a little adventure in space but just a tiny bit with it being 1/6th scale! Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy, Uhura & Khan are ready to beam up!


1/6th Scale

A-Frame Cabin

Just a little hidden cabin in the Colorado Mountains where any 12" or 1/6th scale action figure can get away from the city life and gadgets of today (there's no towers so no cell reception) and get back to nature but still have the comforts of home in this beautifully crafted cedar lined Cabin!


1/6th Scale

Romeo & Juliet

Where for art thou Regent Miniatures? A tale of love recreated in this tall and splendid romantic diorama built for star crossed lovers or maybe a wedding proposal?