Regent Specialized in Custom Dioramas but has closed its doors November 2019.

Regent Miniatures could custom build the diorama of your dreams in 1/12th, 1/6th and 1/4th scale. Multiple Award Winning craftsman Ken Haseltine is ready to help you build your dreams in small scale.

Recognized as a leader in the collectors community: Ken Haseltine, President and founder of Regent Miniatures has crafted fine dioramas for collectors and competitions for over a decade.

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Projects built to 1/6th Scale.

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Projects built to 1/12th Scale.

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Specialty Pieces


Projects custom built.

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1/12th Scale

Death of a Grand Dame

Received Best of Show at the 2012 Seattle Miniature Show. Writes Ken on winning,

"I was very surprised... better than the ribbon and the prize money was when an elderly woman came up to me and said with a very proper British accent that she was truly moved by the piece, with a tear in her eye she told me it took her back to  her childhood, " adding, "I had never considered  what I do as "art" or ever thought that a miniature scene could evoke a strong emotion. That whole experience changed my thinking of what I do and no doubt will have an impact on my work in the future."


1/6th Scale

Best Fashion Doll Accessory Winner

This "RoomBox" By Regent Miniatures was awarded this honor from Doll Observers on-line voters in 2015. Simple classic white with ornate and decorative touches to make any Barbie or 12" figure content.