Holiday Debut!

A repainted & restyled Black Label Farrah Fawcett Barbie in a 1/6th Scale Regent Miniatures Mansion

Hello! Welcome the premiere of 1 Sixth! This site and soon to be magazine is about Repainted & Restyled collectible figures, dolls, as well as other sizes of OOAK or One Of A Kind dolls as well as the people who craft them! I hope you enjoy this first issue as much as I did putting it together. I did not and was not always a collector. It was not until I was sitting on a conference call for a board meeting that I happened across a closed auction for a repainted and restyled Black Label Mattel Barbie of Farrah Fawcett. I didn’t have a clue about the world of collectors, what 1/6th even meant or about the journey I was about to embark upon. I was fortunate enough to get Noel Cruz to make an additional Farrah and had to meet this artist. It was after corresponding via e-mail and then eventually meeting him in person that our friendship was formed. Multiple repaints later and years later I am not embarking a new journey and seeing if indeed the world of publishing could use another web site & publication about collectibles. I hope you find the articles & posts of interest and that some (if not all) of the photographs breathtaking. These are not embellished and doctored photographs. They are true photos of Noel Cruz’s repainted and restyled masterpieces as well as dioramas (featured in this issue) by Ken Haseltine of Regent Miniatures. The camera lens doesn’t lie nor does it create what isn’t there. So, sit back, relax, grab your favorite drink and let’s take this journey together.