The Confusion 8

Luke Perry and Brooke Shields as repainted and restyled (Noel also added hair to this molded LP) by artist Noel Cruz ) in Justin Bieber Oversized Hoodie by The Confusion 83 on etsy at

Henry Cavill as repainted by Chan Sama in an oversized Justin Bieber hoodie by The Confusion 83 on etsy at

Desk, Lounge, Parcels (FedEx/USPS), City Pharmacy, Crate & Barrel, Windex and Magazine by Phillip Nuveen of LMPN visit his site at
iPhone (stunningly real in 1/6 scale) by liluminiature on etsy at

Diorama by the retired Ken Haseltine of Regent Miniatures.  Check out the 1Sixth Fashion Issue on AMAZON at  Or On Blurb or visit the site or

Photos by Steve McKinnis of