Shantommo’s LookBook November 2020


Nu Tones

3-piece ensemble:
Oversized boyfriend blazer, high-neck bodysuit & mini skirt
Material: Windowpane suiting in charcoal & dark beige, knit in beige
All garments are lined
Skirt is with side pockets
Closures with hooks & thread loops

Fits best on 12” NuFace/Fashion Royalty
Display model: Ayumi/Eden in NuFace body

Belt bag, lavender bag and shoes are sold separately.
Dolls, hat and other accessories are NOT included

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Closet Classics (16")

2-piece ensemble:
Sweater & long pants
Sweater with contrasting rib sleeves & turtleneck
Pants with contrasting side pockets details
Material: Knit & tweed, suiting
(Tweed patterns on sweater might vary slightly)

Closure with hooks & thread loops
Sweater is lined, pants is not.

Pants length: 24.5cm
Measurements made according to Numina’s 16” male doll
IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remove hands while putting on/taking off the sweater
Doll, shoes and other accessories are not included

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3-piece ensemble:
Bra with shoulder chains, oversized cropped jacket & cropped pants
Material: Cotton satin, suiting & faux fur
Bra & jacket are lined, pants is unlined
(Chains are slippery, might fall off from shoulders occasionally, to secure please use fishing line or preferred methods)

Decorative “sleeves” on pants are sewn-on
Closures with hooks & thread loops
(Jacket is without any closure)

Bra fits 12” NuFace body ONLY.
The rest fits Fashion Royalty or similar 12” dolls
Display model: Ayumi in NuFace body

Doll, shoe and other accessories are not included
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Outing Essentials (12")

2-piece ensemble:
Short-sleeved crew neck shirt and “paper bag” pants
Material: Cotton & crepe
Casual cut pants with side pockets in dark navy (unlined)
Crew neck shirt with buttons embellishment (lined)
Comes with tie-belt

Fits best on 12” Monarchs, also fits Fashion Royalty Homme
Display model: The Monarchs

Sandals are sold separately
Doll, bag and other accessories are not included

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