Mask UP!

Hi all. First a personal note which is something I do not normally post or do. My name is Steve, and I photograph and have been posting on Flickr under FarrahF and created and admin, I believe since 2012. Initially I was not going to post any of Noel's repaints in masks or really make any images about COVID-19 or 2020 on this account. But since I have contracted COVID and have been in quarantine since November 28th I thought I should post something relative and about Covid in general. This is not political but about everyone's health. I worked for the last nine months masked and being extremely careful. Unfortunately for me, I had an infected person directly behind me who expelled their cigarette smoke and saliva directly on my face, skin and in my eyes. I knew when I was exposed and I knew I was probably going to contract COVID. I registered on line and was tested and five days after I thought I'd been exposed it was confirmed on December 3rd and I have symptoms ranging from fever to extreme chest/stomach pain, fevers and breathing issues that landed me in the Emergency Room two days ago. The point in posting this little summary and these images is that you are better off Masking UP! and also incorporating some kind of eyewear protection. I was able to stave off being exposed for nine months as I was diligent about social distancing and staying masked up wherever I went. So I am just sharing this information with all of you who may read this or follow this account to stay safe, be diligent, be aware of who is around you and how close they are to you. It only takes one time. One chance encounter and you can become infected. I have no health issues or history of asthma, heart trouble or any allergies. So, I truly thought I would never contract Covid. But I have and I would not wish this on anyone. So, please, even if you think it is pointless or never going to hit you or someone you care about, MASK UP! Make an effort to protect yourself or others from you. You may be infected and not even know it. To everyone who follows this account, thank you for following, for liking and for complimenting the photos I've taken. I have greatly enjoyed being a part of the Flickr community and all the other platforms I have and on for years and hope to continue being a part of this amazingly creative outlet of collectors and photographers. I wish you all a safe and healthy holiday.


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